VAAL Airships builds and operates HAPS – High Altitude Platform Stations, also known as High Altitude Pseudosatellites.

Since HAPS operate at much lower altitudes than satellites and are capable of staying fixed over a certain spot, it is possible to cover a small region much more effectively. Lower altitude also means much better telecommunications link budget and lower latency compared to satellites. Furthermore, deploying a satellite requires significant time and monetary resources, in terms of development and launch. HAPS, on the other hand, are comparatively less expensive and are rapidly deployable. Another major difference is that a satellite, once launched, cannot be landed for maintenance, while HAPS can be easily maintained and upgraded as needed, providing greater flexibility and functionality.


The stratosphere represents an enormous opportunity to bring the benefits of connectivity to more people around the world. HAPS systems fill a capability gap between satellites and ground communications.

Other use cases are in smart cities (complementary surveillance enabling better risk assessment, faster claims procedures),
Military applications for border control, independent connectivity,
Environmental and crisis management solutions such as flood detection, seismic monitoring, remote sensing, and disaster management.

Above clouds

Take advantage of the unique vantage point of high-altitude platform to provide connectivity advantages and surveillance opportunities over any other technology.


We share a common passion for innovation and are committed to developing groundbreaking technology that can drive positive change.

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As a startup in the DeepTech sector, we are dedicated to developing High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) that can revolutionize the field of connectivity and communication. While we are at the initial stages of the development process, we have a clear roadmap of the technology we aim to create and the potential impact it can have on the market.

As with any innovative endeavor, we require funding to continue our material research and development. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity for early angel investors to join us in our mission to bring this groundbreaking technology to market. By investing in our startup, you can help support the growth of a cutting-edge technology with enormous potential for improving communication and connectivity worldwide.